About Us

With the growing bustle of our daily life, we have been thinking of a way to attain a more easy and automated life. With that thinking, we thought of the regular hustle of daily grocery and food shopping which costs us a good amount of time. Moreover ensuring the quality and reasonable price is another hassle. Keeping all these problems in mind we have come up with a solution for all these named OKPAPA. We have been thinking of OKPAPA. Finally in this sudden quarantine situation, we highly felt the necessity of getting goods right in front of our home ensuring the safety and quality more than ever. For that, we have finally started the operation of OKPAPA on full-swing now. From the freshest fruits to vegetables, groceries, top quality pulses and food items, dairy products and branded items whatever related to daily goods you want we will provide all those right at your at just one click of yours ensuring the highest safety measures and the best quality.

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